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Torra International is a multinational Telebrand corporation headquartered in Mumbai. Torra International becomes the only 24/7 tele brand show in leading television channel frequences. Through this initiative customers can buy products sitting at the comforts of their home . Since these home appliances products are procured directly from the factory, the cost of the same is very minimal and affordable to common man. Torra International through its process eradicates the margins to the super stockiest, distributor, whole seller, retailer and thereby reduces the cost of the products. To make the shopping experience better Torra International takes pride to deliver the home appliances directly at the doorstep without any delivery cost. Torra can also provide online shopping for customers, those who want to buy any product from Torra just visit select and buy it,


We see ourselves as the pioneer in promoting quality branded innovative A to Z products to more than 70,00,000 data base customers at an affordable rate, with an aim to penetrate and capture the market segment in the next 10 years.


A widely implemented strategy for managing interactions with customers using technology to organize, automate and, synchronize business processes. The overall goals are to find, attract and win new clients, nurture and entice former clients back in to the fold, and reduce the costs of marketing. Teleshopping is direct response television commercials that offers product for direct sale to consumer via response through 24×7 dedicated shopping channel, online selling platform, and by mail blasting. It’s our responsibility to maintain relationship integrity with customer by tracking every update from start to end.


The concept of Teleshopping originated in US in mid 1980s to offer the products which are not available in the retail market. It received lukewarm response in its early years but in the mid 1990s, it started gaining popularity. In late 1990s it picked up momentum due to change in lifestyle and improvement in standard of living. By 2010, the total Teleshopping market in the world amounted to 950000 crore.


It became operational in India in the mid 1980s in India with the basic concept of offering what is not available in the retail market. It took time to establish owing to lack of education and awareness in those days. Also due to lack of modest standard of living, low rate of women employment and low penetration of TV. Another major problem was entry of local players, they provided imitated products not only at lower rate but also the facility of personally touch and appraise them. The difference of culture and language also posed problems. They provided the imitated products not only at cheaper price but also the facility of personally touch and appraise them. The need for continuous innovation in the products also became a challenge for them.

At present, the consolidated Teleshopping segment in India is estimated at Rs. 38000 crore annually and is expected to grow further due to the inability of modern retail to reach unversed markets faster.

A survey indicates 8 out of 13 Indian online consumers plan to shop online in the next twelve months and more than a quarter say they spend upwards of 13 percent of their monthly shopping expenditure on TV and online purchases. This adds a new customer every one second and has a network that delivers to more than 3,000 cities all over India.

India currently has more than 240 million television households and more than 900 million mobile phone users, and retailers are hoping these will be vehicles for the growth of the non-physical retail space. It is estimated that of the total 240 million households in India, 190 million have cable or direct to home (DTH) TV connection. The target audience is households, whose annual income is upwards of Rs. 1,00,000. About 50 per cent of TV shopping channels’ turnover comes from repeat purchase.

Home appliances Teleshopping

The maximum products and categories are made to fit in the zone of Rs. 500 to Rs. 25000. This is the most reasonable quoting for TV shopping since most products also easily fit in the range like kitchen & household equipment, home appliances, apparels, leather products and wellness & exercise equipment, cosmetics, consumer electronics, outdoor furniture and gardening, automobile accessories, computer peripherals, mobiles, tablet PC other gadgets etc.. Another reason obviously is that customers rather target products within the shell of Rs. 500 to Rs. 10000. Offers and packages too play a major role in pulling in customers or even maintaining them.

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